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How do you find your voice and learn from experiences where you feel like a fish out of water? Six years ago, I was successful technology sales and marketing executive who was presented a moonlighting opportunity in a space I never thought I would be in – a chronicler of high-society fundraisers for some of Texas top charities. I took a leap of faith outside of my comfort zone and began navigating the world of high-society galas and celebrity soirées.

Being in frequent situations with celebrities, millionaires and billionaires, I ultimately learned to be comfortable in unfamiliar spaces by choosing to look at each of these experiences as people I should not be nervous of or fawn over unnecessarily. Instead, I chose a different path – to view these encounters as opportunities of being present in my surroundings so I could learn from these successful, high-profile people the public at large does not get to see behind closed doors. In the process, my universe opened up larger than I ever felt possible since I have been able to learn powerful life-lessons from the high-profile, influential figures…with the added bonus of becoming an expert social writer in the process.

Through encountering these remarkable personalities, I learned from their unfiltered authenticity and share 25 self-contained stories here of essential lessons for everyday life. Some poignant, some pragmatic and some wonderfully outrageous, each life lesson from these incredible experiences is gained by acknowledging the best life lessons are learned by putting yourself in places you’d never expect. By being in the moment… by Being In The Room.

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